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Ronaldinho Gaúcho, commonly known as Ronaldinho, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as a forward or attacking midfielder. He is widely regarded as…


Ronaldinho Gaúcho, commonly known as Ronaldinho, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as a forward or attacking midfielder. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, and was named FIFA World Player of the Year twice, in 2004 and 2005, and won the Ballon d’Or in 2005.

NameRonaldinho Gaucho
PositionForward, attacking midfielder
Date of birth21 March 1980
Height1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight76 kg (168 lb)
HonoursFIFA World Cup,
FIFA Confederations Cup,
Copa América, La Liga,
Copa del Rey,
UEFA Champions League,
Ballon d’Or,
FIFA World Player of the Year
GirlfriendJanaina Nattielle Mendes ( Wife)

Ronaldinho Family

Ronaldinho Gaúcho, the iconic Brazilian footballer, comes from a family deeply entrenched in the world of soccer:

João de Assis Moreira (Father):

Played a pivotal role in Ronaldinho’s early development: João, himself a semi-professional footballer, recognized his son’s talent at a young age and nurtured it.

Miguelina Elói Assis dos Santos (Mother):

A pillar of strength and support: Miguelina has been a constant source of love and encouragement for Ronaldinho throughout his career.

Roberto de Assis Moreira (Brother):

More than just a sibling, Roberto is Ronaldinho’s agent and confidante: He played a crucial role in guiding Ronaldinho’s professional career, negotiating contracts and managing his image

João de Assis Moreira Filho (Son):

Carrying on the family legacy: Born in 2005, João shares his father’s passion for soccer and is currently playing for Cruzeiro, the same club where Ronaldinho’s professional journey began.

Ronaldinho Jersey

Ronaldinho Match Stats:

CompetitionSeasonClubApps (Approx.)Goals (Approx.)
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A1998-2001Grêmio6623
Ligue 12001-2005Paris Saint-Germain14745
La Liga2005-2008Barcelona9570
Serie A2008-2010AC Milan7620
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A2011-2012Flamengo3316

1. Brazilian Série A:

2. Spanish La Liga:

3. French Ligue 1:

4. Italian Serie A:

5. Mexican Liga MX:

6. Brazilian Série B:

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1. Where and when was Ronaldinho born?
Ronaldinho Gaúcho, affectionately nicknamed “O Fenomeno,” was born on March 21, 1980, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2. What clubs did he play for?
Ronaldinho’s illustrious career spanned across prestigious clubs like Grêmio, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, AC Milan, Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro, and Querétaro.

3. What are his biggest achievements?

  • Winner of the FIFA World Cup with Brazil in 2002
  • Ballon d’Or recipient in 2005
  • UEFA Champions League winner with Barcelona in 2006
  • La Liga Champion with Barcelona twice (2005, 2006)
  • AC Milan Serie A Champion in 2011
  • Copa Libertadores and Recopa Sudamericana Champion with Atlético Mineiro in 2013

4. What was his playing style known for?
Ronaldinho possessed exceptional dribbling skills, creative vision, and a magical touch on the ball. He was renowned for his mesmerizing samba-inspired footwork, stunning goals, and infectious smile.

5. What is his legacy beyond the field?
Ronaldinho is considered a global icon and one of the most entertaining footballers of all time. He remains an inspiration for aspiring players and continues to spread joy through his passion for the game.

6. Is he still playing professionally?
Ronaldinho officially retired from professional football in 2018 but actively participates in exhibition matches and charity events.

7. What are some interesting facts about him?

  • He famously played futsal barefoot as a child, honing his incredible ball control.
  • He once broke into his childhood club, Grêmio, to play on the pitch at night.
  • He is a talented musician and enjoys playing drums and percussion.

8. Where can I find more information about Ronaldinho?
There are numerous resources available online, including his official website, social media pages, documentaries, and biographies.

9. Why is he called “O Fenomeno”?
The nickname “O Fenomeno” (The Phenomenon) originated during his early days at Grêmio and stuck throughout his career, reflecting his extraordinary talent and ability to perform incredible feats on the field.

10. Does Ronaldinho have children?
He has a son, João de Assis Moreira Filho, who is also pursuing a career in football.

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